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Four tasty blends that will revolutionise and transform curries cooked at home.

Created as a reminder of, and named in a lasting tribute to, the power of TOGETHER.


March 2020 was the month that the UK went into lockdown and the world as we know it changed.

During that time my thoughts turned to food, because that's where my comfort lies. I decided to create something of use to us all when combined with ingredients that we already have in our fridges and in our cupboards; something that would enable us to make really tasty food that we could cook and enjoy TOGETHER.

For all the thousands of lives that were taken away so suddenly - we will remember you.
For all the hearts that were broken due to indescribable grief - we pray for you.
For every prayer, thought and action that helped our world get through each day - we thank you.

Life will never quite be the same again, but this too will pass; we will heal - and we will get through this TOGETHER.

Enjoy your TOGETHER moments!